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In Memory of


Good morning! Please forgive us for being somewhat remiss in sending our thank you, time passes too quickly these days. No words can capture this except WOW!!! Thank you … Thank you!!!!

My husband and I would like to thank you very much for the care and compassion that you took in making the very special gift for us. It truly is beautiful and we will cherish it for many years to come. The pin is beautiful … we cannot believe you captured so much detail! The gift and support that you offer to so many families is wonderful, the simple words “thank you” cannot fully express our appreciation. May God continue to bless and reward you for your efforts in supporting our fallen heroes and their families.

May God continue to bless you and all who are working with you in this program for the love you extend to so many!!!!
    -Mark & Irma McV.

Thank you so much for getting Travis' pendant to me in time. Moms birthday was Friday the 18th and the package arrived on the 18th as you said. Even though I had been in bed with the flu, I ran to the mailbox, opened the box, and he was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, even the folded flag box that he came in.... I put everything back in the USPS box and put it in a gift bag and rushed to my moms dinner with the flu!!! I asked her to open my gift last, an can I just say she loved it and cried... Travis' pendant was the most perfect gift, so thank you for your hard work and dedication of getting him to me in time.
    -Tiffany H.

I would like to Thank You Very Much. I received my charm necklace of my son Spc. Damian James Garza. It is so beautiful. Since we lost our son we have received many signs. On the day I received the package from you I was having a very difficult day, even though every day is challenging some days seem so unbearable. I got home and checked my mail and there it was, Thank you for that moment.

To say that I was shocked does not describe what I felt when I opened the little box, found a folded flag, then opened it to see a perfect picture of my son! Nothing but joy! It was my favorite picture of him from Iraq. His second injury before receiving his 3rd purple heart and going to see Jesus! I hope that thank you will express how grateful I am.
    -Kathleen F.

I have received my charm of my son Darrell Shipp. I would like to thank you. I ordered four more for his sisters. They all were absolutely so happy to receive one. Thank you so much for caring for the families of the fallen. They will truly never be forgotten.
    -Regina S.

My sons received their charms yesterday of their dad, they took our breath away. The charms are beautiful and look just like their dad. Both Christopher and Mathew already have it on a chain and are wearing it proudly. Thank you, the charms are very special. Sincerely, Samantha Cheatham
    -Samantha Cheatham

I just wanted to personally thank you for the charm of my son Brandon. I never imagined that it would resemble him so much. I absolutely love it and will wear it with pride. In wearing it, it will be another way that I can keep him close to my heart and keep his memory alive.
    -Kelli R.

I just received the tie tack and it is beautiful. I thank you very much for this special gift. I was speechless when I opened up the box. The detail was amazing. Justin was looking at me with the smile I miss so much. I will treasure this gift forever. Thank you.
    -Jeff N.

Thank you for our charm. It surpasses anything we would have imagined. The likeness is breathtaking. You have given us something we will cherish forever.
    -Barbara W.

Thank you so very much for the wonderful necklace. I appreciate it more than I can adequately express. I will wear it with pride.
    -Mary T.

This is a very thoughtful of you all and many blessings to the love ones of the fallen soldiers. Thank you for your devotion. God Bless!

Thanks for all you do to honor our service men and women that have given their lives so selflessly for the freedom and liberation of others!
    -Kelly L.

Thank you so much !! We will cherish this charm of Dusty forever.
    -Melody F.

Thank you so much for the necklace/charm of my son. I wanted you to know that the necklace actually arrived the day before my birthday. The whole two weeks before had been extremely difficult, knowing I would not get a call from Brad this year, again...Birthdays in our family are no longer a cause for celebration as much as they are an observance of pain. So it was a surprise when the necklace arrived, and it brought strength and help into an otherwise desolate day. About the only thing that helps is knowing that others continue to remember and appreciate our son. With Gratitude,
    -Betsy B.

I received the charm yesterday, it is beautiful, and a touching memorial to my son. What you are doing is simply awesome! I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    -Jack C.