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About Baby Faces

I started BabyFaces in 2004 and the first charm created was a tribute to my brother who had passed away. I gave it to my Mom and it was her reaction that sparked the beginning of the BabyFaces brand.

Within a few months, I was refining the way I was making the charms. The original were a 2.5-D relief created from a photo. I continued to work on the process and over the years have developed the process I use today; a True-3D charm, created from a single photo.

During the last 12 years there have been thousands of people order my charms. I've spent countless hours trying to develop the brand. In 2009 I ran into a snag and started over with just my BabyFaces.com domain name and built a simple website that allowed people to place orders and that was the beginning of BabyFaces as it is today.

Over the last seven years I continued to work on what I always envisioned, a True-3D charm from a single photo. In March 2016 I had the eureka moment. I couldn't believe the new 3D process had actually worked, so I tried another and then I tried a pet. They all came out in 3D! I was excited to say the least. My energy and drive to grow my brand was reinvigorated, I was elated to see that all my years of hard work, finally paid off. I now have a brand new website that is growing daily and I'm proud to present BabyFaces True-3D charms to the world.

Please feel free to browse around and check out our videos, images and even a step-by-step of the process we use to make each and every charm. Send us an email and let us know what you think. Sign up for the newsletter. We will use that to let all of our fans & followers know about new products and specials.

Babyfaces.com from babyfaces.com on Vimeo.

Babyfaces.com Promo from Joel on Vimeo.